How do we define quality?

Quality, in the wardrobe industry, isn’t just about maximizing storage space but about making dreams a reality. Our wardrobes are designed by Italian architects who look at the wardrobe not merely as an accessory to a house but rather as an integral part of any home. To this end, our wardrobes are made by highly skilled craftsmen in our state of the art plant in Italy. Our wardrobes are fully fitted, and we are able to accommodate and integrate the trickiest of spaces. Our wardrobes have endless possibilities so that we can accommodate your specific needs and requirements.

Not only are our wardrobes functional and beautiful, but they are built in such a way that humidity and odor are never an issue. Our technology means that insects and moths are a thing of the past. We pride ourselves with our reinforced joints making our shelves exceptionally sturdy. This combined with our thick side panels and doors makes for wardrobes that can withstand the rigidus of constant use. No sharp edges and fully adjustable interior fittings/layout mean that our wardrobes can evolve as our end users’ needs change over time.

We offer a wide variety of door finishes from leather, glass and laminate to lacquer painted colours to match any interior. Available in both gloss and matt finishes. Over and above all of this we offer a plethora of accessories and lighting to customize your wardrobe and make it easier and more enjoyable to use. All of our wardrobes come with a guaranty for parts and labour. Our ethos is to provide outstanding service, hence we are always here to assist you.